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Currently, prosthetics are expensive, reliant on electrical components, and heavy, making them inaccessible for many. Redesigning prosthetics using compliant mechanisms allows them to mimic human muscles and joints while increasing comfort and lowering production costs and assembly time. There is also room for customization based on the individual’s height, weight, gait, etc. The design was created using the Freedom and Constraint Topology (FACT) method, then flexible elements were analyzed using stiffness and twist-wrench matrices. The final prototype showcases all of the desired motions. This is a novel approach that has the potential to increase amputees’ quality of life.



  • Yu Ran Wang
  • Katarina Bunakova

Année : 2023

Région : Montreal Regional Science & Technology Fair (Sec/Coll)

Type de projet : C

Classe : C1

Categorie de projet : IIR

Volet : Collegial

Niveau scolaire : Collégial 2

École : Marianopolis College

Prix et distinctions

Finale Québécoise


  • Prix de la Fédération du personnel professionnel des universités et de larecherche

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