Need a Hand With That?

Using a combination of Robotics, 3D Printing, and Computer Science I have created a robotic hand capable of detecting, and mimicking my actions completely hands free. It works by detecting your human hand by identifying the joints, placing hand landmarks on each joint as well as on the tips of your fingers, and then it recognizes if your fingers are opened or closed by tracking the coordinates of each landmark. From there it sends signals to the five servos which are independently controlling each finger. This process is then repeated for each frame (60fps) a hand is recognized on screen.



  • Mateo Jarquin

Année : 2023

Région : Estrie

Type de projet : C

Classe : S1

Categorie de projet : IIR

Volet : Secondaire

Niveau scolaire : Secondaire 4

École : École secondaire régionale Alexander Galt

Prix et distinctions

Finale Québécoise


  • Expo-sciences pancanadienne 2023
  • Médaille du Réseau Technoscience - Bronze Senior
  • Prix Jeune Innovateur de l'ADRIQ

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