Portable House

We have designed a portable home made from affordable materials. Our prototype was made to protect users for the harsh, unpredictable weather. It is small and compact and can be carried like a backpack. When it is being used it can stretch up to 5.9 feet and have a volume of 16.55 cubic feet. It will protect anyone from the rain, snow, wind and freezing temperatures. We used a thermo blanket to keep the heat in the Portable home.



  • Pasha Jones
  • Adrianna Vutrano

Année : 2019

Région : Montreal Regional Science & Technology Fair (Sec/Coll)

Type de projet : C

Classe : INT

Categorie de projet : SBSS

Volet : Secondaire

Niveau scolaire : Secondaire 3

École : Macdonald High School

Prix et distinctions

Finale Québécoise

Longueuil,Collège Charles-Lemoyne

  • Expo-sciences pancanadienne 2019

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