Soyez Mes Yeux

Our project consists of a revolutionary device to help blind people live their life as close to normal as possible. The device is comprised of a high-precision detector, a powerful motherboard, and a discreet speaker. We have programmed the detector to detect any obstacles that may be in their vicinity, and the closer the obstacle gets, the louder and more intense the sound gets, just like in your car. We have connected the device to a jacket, and to ensure that the sound is not obtrusive to the user, we have isolated the sound and connected it to any AirPods.



  • Miriam Nizri
  • Noah Castiel

Année : 2023

Région : Montreal Regional Science & Technology Fair (Sec/Coll)

Type de projet : C

Classe : S2

Categorie de projet : SP

Volet : Secondaire

Niveau scolaire : Secondaire 5

École : Herzliah High School

Prix et distinctions

Finale Québécoise


  • Bourse d'études de l'Université de Sherbrooke

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