You are passionate about science and want to encourage the next scientific generation?

Do like hundreds of science and technology professionals who get involved each year by becoming a volunteer judge for one of the Science Fair finals. Ask them, they will tell you: it is a wonderful and rewarding experience to meet energized and motivated youths!

What you’ll need:

  • A college diploma (D.E.C.) to judge at a Regional final;
  • A bachelor’s degree to judge at the Quebec final
  • And your love of science and technology!


Register here! 

Useful information

  • If you already have a judge account: before registering, consult the Registering guide for judge with an existing account to know how to add a new event to judge.
  • For an optimal registration process, it is highly recommended to use browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox or any other browser than Internet Explorer.
  • The preparation guide for the judges of the Science Fair is in reissue and will be available shortly.
  • Consult the project evaluation grids.
  •  Do you want to know the dates of the various finals? Visit the Calendar page to learn more.

Tous les juges bénévoles lors de la Super Expo-sciences Hydro-Québec, finale québécoise 2018

Volunteer Judges at Hydro-Québec Super Expo-sciences, Québec final 2018 in Shawinigan


Thank you all for your involvement with the next generation of Quebec scientists!