The Science Fair project

The Science Fair project

You want to jump in the Science Fair’s adventure? In this case, you need a project!

So, what is a Science Fair project? It starts with a simple idea that is elaborated using the scientific approach in a concrete way.

Deux exposantes devant leur projet intitulé Oh la vache! Un exposant devant son projet intitulé Nom d'une patate! Un exposant et une exposante devant leur projet Empreintes sous surveillance!

Presenting  a Science Fair project is accessible to everyone because :
  • It can be a conception that is presented during the finals, even if it needs more detail works.
  • It can be an experimentation that is interesting for its scientific aspects, regardless of the results.
  • It is possible to vulgarize a lot of subjects because science is all around us!
  • It is allowed to develop an idea that focus more on human sciences than natural sciences. There are even thematic prizes for those types of projects.

You are a future participant or a teacher? Visit our “Rules and tools” section. You will find all sorts of useful information to help you dare science!